• Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do I need to supply anything for the cleaning?

      In short, NO. All our cleaning services are inclusive of all cleaning materials and equipment needed for the job. We won’t try to add additional charges on the already quoted job.

    • Do I have to pay VAT or any other charges or additional fees?

      We don’t charge VAT. Our company will never try to add additional charges and what you will be quoted would be the total price you pay. We know that other cleaning companies try to squeeze as much money as possible adding absurd charges, but we are different. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance for us.

    • Do you work on Weekends and Bank Holidays?

      We work 7 days a week, 356 days a year including bank holidays. And what is even better is that we don’t charge you extra for bookings made on weekends and bank holidays.

    • Do you clean the oven?

      All kitchen appliances including the oven are professionally cleaned internally and externally and you don’t pay extra for this. 

    • Do you clean the windows?

      We will clean the windows from inside only. However, if you have balcony windows or external windows that can be reached without using a ladder we’ll clean those as well.

    • Do you need a deposit?

      For most of the cleaning jobs, we don’t require any upfront payments. Payment is to be made upon completion to the cleaners on site in cash. Please note that for bigger properties a deposit of 10% may be applicable. 

    • What equipment do you use?

      Our carpet, upholstery and curtain cleaners use Prochem professional cleaning equipment. Our end of tenancy cleaning teams use the most effective cleaning detergent for a guaranteed service.

    • Do you charge hourly or per job done?

      We don’t charge hourly. The price you pay is for job done. This means that if it takes us more time to clean your property we won’t be harassing you with extra charges.

    • Do you screen you cleaners?

      All our cleaners undergo extensive training, are fully vetted and insured. Rest assured that you are not welcoming strangers in your property.